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D Joiner

D Joiner, the second in our range of creative imaging products, is a new software package for panoramic and super wide-angle photo stitching. In keeping with our design philosophy D Joiner combines extreme ease of use with high quality results. For example: D Joiner will work with any ordinary wide-angle lens with no need for entering an estimate for its focal length, as D Joiner will work it out for you.



Web designers can use D Joiner to generate extremely high quality panoramic images in cylindrical, spherical and cubic formats, which can then be published straight onto a web page.

Professional photographers can use D Joiner to produce very high-resolution, ultra wide-angle photos with no lens distortion. Extreme wide-angle photographs without distortion or optical aberrations are now possible with D Joiner.

Panoramic images made using D Joiner can be exported in a variety of ways:

  1. Wide-angle photograph with no lens distortion.
  2. Cylindrical panorama.
  3. Spherical panorama (example Java version)
  4. Cubic panorama.

Cubic Stitch
Cubic Stitch [enlarge]

The cylindrical and spherical panoramas can not only be placed directly onto a web page, they can also be used with a wide variety of third party panorama viewers. A number of examples of panoramas displayed via the D Joiner Applet can be found on the D Joiner examples page.

Some tips for panoramic photography for D Joiner can be found in the D Joiner tips section.

D Joiner for PC (win 95/98/ME/2000) is available now via this website.


Spherical Stitch
Spherical Stitch [enlarge]